Hey! My name is
Cinthia Fontoura.

A UX/UI and Web Developer.

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Restaurant 104

For those who live are visiting Dublin, that's a very good restaurant to go to! On the website, you can see the menus and book a table or get in touch. Website builds with HTML, CSS and Sass to practice what I've learned at Udemy and Alura courses.

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Desktop and mobile version of Restaurant 104 website


This website is where I show a bit about me, the projects I've worked on and my contacts for people that want to hire me. Site build with HTML and CSS to the first project portfolio with Code Institute.

Desktop and mobile version of this website


After the TinDog app, all dogs will fall in love. This is a website made using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 4.0.0 during the Web Development Bootcamp with Angela Yu on Udemy.

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Desktop and mobile version of TinDog website

About Me

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I am a Brazilian living in Dublin with my husband and two fat cats. In Brazil as a Chef, I ran my own business where I worked baking cakes, baking cakes, buying ingredients, taking care of the website and finances. I also worked in other restaurants, stores and call centres. During the Covid pandemic lockdown, I have tried everything to keep myself busy (and don't get crazy), so I started learning more about software development, which I was always interested in but never had enough time to dedicate myself to it. I got more and more excited as I learned about the technology world and decided to my 13 years career in the kitchen for this new path as a web developer.

The technologies that I'm working on at the moment are:

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I am available to work on your projects or team and bring your ideas to life. I am just a click away.